The 1st Annual OATH Surf N' Turf turned out to be a great event. We loved the great country music, the atmosphere and the wonderful volunteers of this great organization.

Fiery Doe Life was only one of many sponsors at the event, but we made sure to participate in the live & silent auction in addition to the multiple ceremonies they had going on throughout the day. Your heart goes out to each and every soldier that had the courage to serve and now has the new found courage to continue to help other veterans as they struggle with adapting to life back home.

I know my thoughts sound vague, in a sense because you must go read their page yourself. You need to take a moment to visit one of their events and hear the stories for yourself. This isn't something that can be told with a short blog or editorial. When you meet the individuals that give their time to the organization and dedicate their lives to helping other soldiers (active & retired) work through their turmoil you come to understand the struggles that are never addressed in war (past & present).

From a business perspective and most importantly from a life perspective this is a worthy cause to dedicate your time and money to. Whether you are the one that might need help or maybe a business looking to invest in a great cause it'll be worth your time to reach out to OATH Inc.

So in order to enjoy the event its necessary to have a nice place to stay. My family and I enjoyed a great weekend at the Full Moon Inn, which happened to be a very short drive from Luckenbach. They establishment is owned by a very charismatic and hospitable couple. The locations has a variety of cabins (1800's style) with excellent amenities. A delicious breakfast is served promptly at 9:00AM each morning and your bound to strike up a nice conversation with the hosts and other guests. Its definitely on my list to revisit.